January 21, 2010

Over Deliver

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As a regular Seth Godin blog reader and Triiibes member (a closed social networking site for his blog and reader community), I had an opportunity to read Seth’s newest book, Linchpin, before it was generally available.

Over the past several years, Seth’s ideas, blog-posts, and books pushed me toward mattering and away from settling.  I have absorbed Seth’s ideas in the same way I have absorbed engineering ideas (Dorian Shainin) and business ideas (Eliyahu M. Goldratt) from other geniuses.  I am grateful to have been able to improve my own professional performance through learning from those that have taken time to teach their art.

Linchpin is a culmination of Seth’s genius and is his most inspiring to date.  Seth’s premise is that on any given day, it is easy to do the bare minimum, not take responsibility, and keep from being noticed — it is what our “lizard brain” wants us to do.  He counsels each of us to overcome the resistance (to the lizard brain) and tap into the linchpin quadrant of discernment (long view thinking!) and passion (see graph pg. 181) to create positive traction, speak truth to power, and over-deliver. 

The book exhibits Seth’s vignette style of writing, which connects personally to his readers.  Seth made me laugh out loud on pg. 59, when he wonders, “Why is there writer’s block but no chemical engineering block?”  Is he sure that there is no chemical engineering block?!

My long view advice: read Linchpin (available in five more days).

Achieving linchpin status is the integration under the curve (over time) of staying positive and being committed.   It’s about always getting better…

Are you choosing to Over Deliver?

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