About Linda

linda-closeup1Professionally, I am a technology consultant, process engineer, and hard-core data junkie with 20 years of industrial experience. I love the aroma of a well-designed data-driven manufacturing process complete with motivated and fulfilled workers.  However, I love the challenge of creating, building, and nurturing technology organizations more!  I have pollinated through several industries/technologies:  semiconductors, high performance materials (polymers), and biotechnology.  With each new adventure, I gained insights, ideas, and new perspectives, one of which is the Long View.

Non-professionally, I am a wife (20 years), mother to two teenagers, multi-sport athlete (run, swim, bike, ski, rock climb), and a consummate bookworm (mostly non-fiction).

If I were named for my weirdest quirk, it would be:  “Drives Out Loud.”


  1. Deborah said,

    You write so beautifully.
    I enjoyed it eventhough I didn’t understand all of it!
    Can you explain “Drives Out Loud”?

    • lindaslongview said,

      I drive the way I ride a horse: chatter about the “trail,” encouragement (to the car) to change pace or position, and compliments (to the car along with a dashboard pat) for a successful maneuver (for example, fast acceleration). It’s an unconscious habit that drives my kids crazy! Apparently, they think my car is inanimate. 😉

  2. I love the long view approach. It’s very much how I’d like to think that I work.

    • lindaslongview said,

      Thanks for visiting! Keeping to the long view requires vigilance, because expediency can be soooo alluring!

  3. Hi, nice to meet you !

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