January 2, 2010

Open Doors and New Roads

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I am always grateful to welcome new opportunities. Yet recently, my blog has suffered while I’ve been opening doors and building new roads for myself…

As I reflected on what long view advice I might give on the departure of 2009 and arrival of 2010, I realized that my siblings are professionals in door opening and new road building, respectively.

My sister is responsible for writing software to open the door on NASA’s specialized jumbo jet that hauls an infrared telescope above the lower atmosphere (Stratospheric Observatory For Infrared Astronomy, SOFIA). More pics here…how cool is that?!

My brother is in road construction, he supervises the work teams, manages the projects, and ensures that new roads get built.

On account of the new year, I offer some amateur long view advice on opening doors and creating new roads that I think the pros would agree:

  • Be deliberate, act with intention.
  • Be aware, observe, listen, and assess more often than you advise.
  • Be dedicated to quality, don’t settle for less.
  • Be committed to improvement, get better at what you do.

Wishing you new roads and many open doors. Happy 2010!


  1. Patricia W. said,

    Enjoyed the blog

  2. Dear Linda, you’re soooo very dedicated to the making your Blog professional! Truth is, I’m a bit jealous. In fact, I have what I think to be a superb MO/Topic that really can inspire contribution & feedback and yet I just don’t seem to have the discipline to carry it out…Why is that?.

    Anyway, I just wanted you to know, your posts have really given me more energy and encouragement to take action, “open a few more doors” (too right, “cool”) & “Build some NEW Roads”! My next blog post is guaranteed to be NEW & improved. Look for a kick-butt Mango Salsa recipe soon! Nice Post, Peace =J

    • lindaslongview said,

      Hi Jonathan:

      I am so glad to inspire you to more. 🙂 BWC is a great way to start blogging.

      I had to edit your comment a bit since it was very garbled with weird characters, but hopefully the substance is retained.

      I LOVE anything with mangoes (including mango flavored lifesavers), I look forward to your mango salsa recipe.

      Bon appetit! Linda

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