July 8, 2009

Pace and Priority

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CheckeredFlagI have been volunteering in a small community organization helping to draft a “guidance” document for the community.  It has been a challenge to gain traction, pace, and priority for this effort.

As I “analyzed” why this has been hard, I became increasing aware of a disconnect between our voiced opinion(s) upon the importance of timely completion of the document and our real action(s) in timely completion of our assignments.

Because the guidance document has long view value with near-term obstacles, my initial reaction was to judge the severity of the disconnect between “say” and “do” in my fellow document drafters.  However, after further reflection, I realized that it is too easy to be judgmental about others’ choices of pace and priority.  How can I be aware of their competing demands?  Would I really expect draft completion when a fellow volunteer has been ill?  No!

What I can do is address my own inconsistency on pace and priority. On that subject, I liked Scott’s Consistency Audit Review.

Have you recently conducted a consistency audit on yourself?

Back to editing that document…

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