April 23, 2009

Say Something Nice

Posted in Life tagged , , , , at 2:59 pm by lindaslongview

wwelogo-2On certain topics or regarding certain people, I can be a bit narrow-minded.  Through encouragement over many years, I can usually find one thing positive to say about just about anything or anyone, no matter how grudgingly I do so.

This started out as a “game.” When I was being judgmental, negative, or otherwise intolerant of something or someone, my husband (before he was my husband) made me say one positive thing.  Sometimes it took quite awhile, now I am a bit faster.

This is great long view advice and I continue to practice.  One thing to make it easier is to listen to the kids tune (by none other than “The Happy Crowd” – I can still hear it in my head from years of overplay):  Say Something Nice About Someone.

My husband and son like to watch WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) – I think it is plain silly. I definitely do not get the attraction to “he-man” ballet, but accept that it is entertainment from which they derive joy.  I have been dared (taunted?) to publicly say something nice about WWE.  So….The WWE “pinned to the math” game uses algebra (which is always a positive) in addition to WWE knowledge to play.  There I did it – I said something nice about WWE on my blog!

Can you say something nice about about WWE?


  1. Rachel said,

    One good thing about the WWE – their characters are so extreme – they make you laugh: http://www.wwe.com/superstars/superstaroftheday/

    • lindaslongview said,

      Indeed! Thanks for saying something nice about WWE. 🙂

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