March 22, 2009

Resting Comfortably

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Today my best friends are my pillow, my teacup, and Mucinex-D (the elixir of cold comfort).  Just like everybody else, I hate being sick.  I hate the misery of congestion, coughing, and sniffling.  I hate missing my Sunday morning run with my friends, missing a kid’s soccer game, and not making any progress against my “to do” list.  However, all of those things are transient and insignificant in the long view.

I know without adequate rest, I will only get sicker.  I have tested the “not slow down” strategy more than once and know unequivocally that it’s a loser.  My two-year-old memory of walking pneumonia is still vivid!  I am grateful that I have a family that will cover for me and allow me to rest.  Today I am resting comfortably.